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Venture Back to 2nd Grade For $300K

By October 8, 2011

West Queen Anne School

Okay, Class, let’s review. On Urban Living you’ve read about the condos in the gym, the attic, the cafeteria, and a southwest corner classroom in West Queen Anne School Condos. And the latest destination to add to our list is the 2nd Grade classroom on the 2nd floor (well, part of it anyway).

Once again, this newest listing shows us why WQAS fascinates us so: every condo has a unique history and layout. This 1-bedroom condo is no exception. Class, can you name the fascinating features of this condo?

You’ve got it: exposed brick, loft sleeping area, huge windows, and even those cubbies under the stairs. Gold stars for everyone!

1401 5th Ave W #206

1401 5th Ave W #206

Those that have been studying their history and math will once again notice that HOA dues are elevated because they cover the cost of leasing the land from the city. And the taller members of the class should watch their head if they visit the open house scheduled for this weekend — it looks like that upper loft space is short on head room.

Located at 1401 5th Ave W #206, this 602 square foot condo was just listed for $300K and is hosting an open house this Sunday, Oct 9, from 1-4PM.