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Help A Reader Find His Dream Live/Work Loft

By October 19, 2011

Capitol Hill, Live/Work

An Urban Living reader got in touch with us to ask for our (and now your) help. He has an undeniable desire to find a live/work situation on Capitol Hill similar to that found at 1115 E Pike. And, rather than quote him low vacancy rate numbers and stomp on his dream, we figured we’d see if anyone has a hot lead on a live/work loft on Capitol Hill. Because you just never know, do you?

Here’s what our reader is in search of:

  • $2400/mo. maximum
  • 0-1 BR
  • 600-2000sqft (open floor plan is more important than actual square footage)
  • Tall ceilings (12’+)
  • Plenty of daylight (for photography)

Located in the prime Pike/Pine and Broadway area shown below…

ideal location

As I was able to gather, our reader doesn’t require street level storefront space but does want to reside close to the lively vibe on Capitol Hill and live in a space that allows him to continue to offer workshops in painting, photography, film and sculpture as he has in years past.

A little poking around showed me that there is a fair amount of commercial space available on the hill but I have to wonder if any of the available listings can be legally used as live/work? I don’t know. Which is why I’m turning this question over to you.

Is there anyone out there that knows of an available (or soon-to-be available) live/work space that matches our reader’s description? Or has some advice for our reader?

Feel free to comment directly on this post or send leads to me at [email protected] — I’ll happily pass them along.