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Reader Asks: Any New Capitol Hill Townhouses?

By October 29, 2011

Capitol Hill, Highbury Townhouses, Malden 8, Townhouses

A reader asks:

I’m looking to move to Capitol Hill and was wondering if you have any information on new construction townhomes. I see you’ve posted about condos – are townhomes not really being built anymore? I know of the Malden 8 and Highbury, but other that I’m having a hard time finding out what new projects are up and coming. Do you know offhand?

And here’s what little I know:

Then there’s Highbury on 13th that is fully constructed and Malden 8 off of 15th that is still in progress (as mentioned). Anyone know of any other townhouses getting built on Capitol Hill?

Updated: Heard from Ron Rubins, the listing agent for Howell Street Lofts and he pointed me to Seattle Land Broker which has details on some listed and not-quite-listed new construction projects.