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Seattle Apartment Developments for November

By December 1, 2011


I’m starting to think I need to do this more than once a month :). Apartments continue to develop all over the city (both on paper and in the construction sense) and here is a lengthy roundup of what’s gone down in November.

Notably, things got chattery about the number of apartments expected in Seattle and Bellevue in 2013: 7000. What was reported as a glut by PSBJ back in June is now a bubble on PubliCola (CityTank) > CHS Blog (albeit a good one according to densityphiles).

So what’s happened in the past month in the apartment construction realm?

And in design reviews there’s this:

Just pulling from this list of news and blog stories in November alone, that’s 1,465 apartments under construction (or soon-to-be) across the city and another 1,811 are in proposal stages (2,511 if you include the stalled Stadium Place).