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Unwrapping Lawrence Lofts at 19th & Madison

By December 6, 2011

Lawrence Lofts

The wrap is starting to come off the new apartments at 1818 E Madison on Capitol Hill. And a big, vertical sign that says lawrence-lofts.com decorates the corner.

Lawrence Lofts

So I took a moment to check out the site, Facebook page, and blog: lawrenceseattle.com.


In short, there are many images but few words. “Adventures in sophistication” says the website complete with a vintage-style aviation seal. “131 lofts coming in Spring 2012” claims the Facebook page. And the blog? Well, let’s just say it is a big, huge, scrolling mood board of images that leaves me free to imagine what a loft at this yet-to-be completed apartment building will be.

As I was snapping photos, I found myself standing on the same corner as one of the construction crew and here’s how that exchange went:

Me: Are you working this site?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Do you know if they are doing hard hat tours of units yet?
Him: I think there have been people brought through one of the more finished regular units.
Me: Regular units? They’re not all lofts?
Him: Only the 6th floor has the elevated loft-style bedrooms that you climb up to and those aren’t finished. They’re cool though.
Me: Sounds neat. So if I call that number I might get to preview one of the regular units?
Him: <nod>

Already I’m thumbs-up on the brick exterior and am looking forward to learning more about interiors, square footage, and lease rates. But until that happens, would love to hear from anyone who tours it.

Update: One reader emailed to ask if this is a Val Thomas project and the answer is yes. Those details can be found on CHS Blog in an update on the project from nearly a year ago when construction crews first appeared.