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A Visit to the Union Arts Co-op

By April 14, 2012

Union Art Coop

On Thursday I swung by the open house for unit 1b at the Union Arts Co-Op. Wow! That place is incredible.

First off, yes, the HOAs are high, but since it is a co-op they include the property tax.

Second, this place is neat!

You enter from the back, there is no way into the unit from the building’s lobby, into a vestibule with hose (nice touch, I wish I had a hose to wash my bike). The main floor runs the width of the building. Huge dining area and kitchen. Right off the kitchen there’s a bathroom and in a separate room a shower (which is kinda odd).

Currently there’s a bed in the living room?

Upstairs you have a large master suite/loft with curious bed platform and another bed in the walk in closet for good measure.

If I were to buy the place I’d slim down the big staircase. Maybe slim down the kitchen/dining and add a guest bedroom. You also have the option of putting a door on the front.

The 800 square foot work space (really is too big to call it storage) is in the basement of the building. You enter from the parking lot. There’s a hallway and the space is huge, this is just the entryway. Apparently at one pointer the owner had up to ten people working down here! It even has a serious HVAC. Though, I’d go crazy working without windows.

All my photos.

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