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gProjects New Construction on Boylston

By April 16, 2012


I walked through a corner of Capitol Hill that isn’t on my usual path the other day, and happily stumbled across in-progress construction at 728 Boylston. Looks like six units of 3 and 4 bedrooms are scheduled to be completed in May.

According to, all six are still available and ranging from 1,900 to just under 3,000 square feet (the two largest are 4-bed & 4-bath and seem to have the most interesting layouts). If I remember right, gProjects originally acquired this plot of land with approved plans for a 10-unit development. Looks like they scaled that back to six spacious units with the help of b9 Architects.

Living and kitchen are on the first level and rooftop decks on the northern end of Capitol Hill. Anyone inquired about these or know what they’re priced at?

728 Boylston