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High, Low, and in the Middle

By September 2, 2012

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What a gorgeous Seattle day to host or visit an open house. I decided to go see two intriguing Queen Anne listings, each on opposite ends of the price range. And for good measure, I found a third that’s sandwiched in between. Here’s a video recap…


Starting at the high end is a 3-bedroom, 2,490 sq ft Craftsman on the west side of Queen Anne hill, at 2142 9th Ave W. Listed for $1.05 million, it caught my eye because it’s double the sales price back in 2000. The listing says the house was torn down and rebuilt from the foundation in 1996, followed by several remodels, including the kitchen, bathrooms and  basement.

Remodeled kitchen with Viking appliances

Living room on the main floor

It did feel like newer construction. Unlike some turn-of-the-century Craftsman homes, the floors and stairs don’t creak when you walk through. The fixtures and cabinetry are tasteful throughout, especially in the kitchen where they complement Viking appliances. The view is picturesque from the master suite and from the living room. I wonder if it will fetch offers near the list price. Recent sales and current listings that are comparable in size and location are closer to $600,000 t0 $800,000.

Lower on Queen Anne, at 1016 6th Ave N #302, is a listing that’s much smaller and lower in price. This top floor, 1-bedroom condo parked my interest because it’s listed for $225,000 with dues of $242. As a rental, you’d only need to get about $1,300 in rent to cash flow (if you put 20% down).

Solid cabinetry in the kitchen

The view if you look south from the deck

The unit was converted from an apartment to a condo in 2008. As far as conversions go, it is well done, at least on the surface. The kitchen cabinets are solid, not flimsy. Though it’s a block away from Aurora Ave, you don’t hear the highway. For 637 sq ft, it’s fairly spacious. The only thing I didn’t love was the power lines (personal pet peeve) that mar the view from the living room. Though, once out on the deck, look to the south and you see the Space Needle.

Finally, 212 Boston St Unit A, a three-bedroom townhouse a few blocks from the top of Queen Anne Hill, listed at $475,000. Though I’m not a huge fan of townhouses (because of the stairs), I think this unit uses space very well, not a lot is wasted. The hardwood floors in the living room are rich and come with radiant heat. The cathedral ceilings in the master are very nice. And the owner fenced in the front yard, making for a cozy patio. The downsides are there’s limited room for a dining room table  and the third bedroom is fairly small.

Fenced-in patio in front of the house

Open feel from living room to kitchen

As far as price, it’s not a steal, but it’s reasonable. Each of the open houses had at least two parties visiting when I was there. All three just came on the market in the last few days. The agent for the 1-bedroom in Lower Queen Anne says he already has two offers. Did you find any gems this weekend?