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Modern (Historic) Belroy Apartments Almost Ready

By September 9, 2012

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What’s old will soon be new again on the north end of Capitol Hill. The Belroy Apartments are nearing completion and will begin pre-leasing next month.

We’ve been watching this development for some time and got a closer look this weekend when ARCADE magazine used the site for a launch party. If you like the modern look, you’ll like the Belroy. If you like a historic feel, you’ll like the Belroy as well.

ARCADE magazine launch party in the courtyard of the Belroy

The original Belroy, built in 1931, is known for its Art Deco style and is recognized in Seattle architectural circles as one of the city’s first modernist buildings. Seattle developer Point32 decided to renovate the interior of the classic L-shaped structure (as seen from the air) and keep it in place at the corner of Bellevue & Roy, overlooking I-5. The firm then brought in Weinstein A|U, known for their modernist designs, to draw up three new structures to the north. Two of them form an L to complete a rectangular complex, while the third sits in the courtyard in the middle.

The L-shaped structure on the left is original, the three buildings in the middle and right are new.

Old Belroy on the left, new Belroy on the right

“We were definitely inspired by the original Belroy,” said Ed Weinstein, founder and principal at Weinstein. “With the new buildings, we sought to compliment it, rather than just copy it.”

The new structures feature simple, contemporary lines that wrap around giant windows. Standing in the courtyard, Weinstein designer Cory Harris pointed out some of the unique features, including reclaimed redwood that serve as part of the facade; top-of-the line fiberglass windows, and durable Swiss Pearl cladding. The interiors, when completed, will have bamboo floors and high-end appliances in an open-concept layout, said Harris.

The facade of the lower floors is made from reclaimed redwood.

The interiors are nearing completion.

The design is quintessential Weinstein, the same folks behind the Agnes Lofts on 12th & Pike and the Pearl Apartments on 15th & Madison.

There are 51 units in the new buildings, with a mix of one and two bedroom floor plans that range from 700 to 1200 square feet. The historic building has 62 apartments that range from 350 to 600 square feet. Those units will get new plumbing, wiring, flooring, appliances, and small improvements to the kitchen and bathroom.

Point32 CEO Chris Rogers says his firm has not finalized pricing but it will be “consistent” with current rates on Capitol Hill.

There will no doubt be a premium on the upper floors in the tallest building, especially those who face west as they will have sweeping views of Lake Union, Queen Anne and the Olympics. I’m looking forward to seeing those units and hearing how much noise you can hear from I-5, if at all.

Those who look into the courtyard may feel boxed in but the architects say the complex is designed to increase light and ventilation. Rather than the usual double-loaded corridor – a main hallway with units on both sides – the interior Belroy units will have a door to the courtyard and a front door on the other end that opens to the street.

Point32 will begin pre-leasing in October for move-in starting in January after Walsh Construction wraps up their work. A few units will be ready for previews next month and we’ll be there to bring you pictures and video.