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Demolition on Dexter = More SLU Apartments

By September 12, 2012

Apartments, South Lake Union

The demolition in the photo below stopped me in my tracks yesterday as I walked toward my old condo on the west side of Lake Union.

801 Dexter Ave. N: demolished & cleared for new construction

I knew the former manufacturing facility here at 801 Dexter Ave. N. (between Aloha and Valley Streets) was going to be torn down sooner or later, given the construction boom in South Lake Union. But, it was still a bit surreal, especially when I looked at the properties to the south and north.

717 Dexter Ave N. — 100 units

The future 801 Dexter Ave N. — 290 units

901 Dexter Ave N. — 284 units

At 717 Dexter Ave N., the skeleton of a new apartment complex is nearly complete. The “Hue” has started pre-leasing its 100 units.

At 801 Dexter Ave N., the future complex will add about 290 apartments.

At 901 Dexter Ave N., crews are almost done with the facade for a building that will bring yet another 286 residential units.

All three, developed by the Holland Partner Group, are just a block away from the sizable Neptune Apartments. And this is just a three-block stretch of Dexter.

I know new Amazon-dot-comers are arriving by the planeload, but it does make you wonder how all of this inventory will get absorbed. I hope they all get rented and I hope the city addresses the traffic impact because if you’ve dared to enter the South Lake Union core during rush hour, you know the streets are already clogged with cars today.