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Spotlight Shines on Stylish Capitol Hill Home…But Where Is It?

By October 24, 2012

Capitol Hill, Houses

A prominent architecture and design blog showcased a beautiful Capitol Hill home a few days ago and it has drawn quite a number of tweets and likes. It’s no wonder since the home features contemporary and clean lines, etched in concrete and glass.

The residence, designed by Balance Associates of Seattle, has two wings that are connected by a translucent slot in the center. The form of the house cantilevers off its concrete base, projecting a dramatic facade on the east side. That’s also the side that offers a 180-degree view of surrounding lakes and mountains.

I was trying to picture where this home is located on Capitol Hill but neither the blog nor the Balance Associates’ website mentioned the address. Looking at the photos – which are fantastic by the way – it’s clear the house is in northeast Capitol Hill, facing Lake Washington and the Cascades. Then I did a little cross-referencing and found the home a few blocks north of Volunteer Park. The owner bought the previous home on the lot for $1.05 million in 2009, then tore it down for a full-scale rebuild. Who knows how much the design and construction cost but the result is pretty spectacular and well deserving of the spotlight.