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Photos of the New Via6 Apartments and A Price Surprise

By October 25, 2012


We got our first look inside the model units at the new Via6 Apartments at 6th and Lenora. Just as the leasing consultant told us for our first post, the quality appears to be condo grade. The only mild surprise is the price. More on that below.

A one-bedroom model unit at the new Via6

We toured a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom unit on the second floor. In both, exposed concrete slabs show off the building’s poured-in-place concrete construction. Knee-to-ceiling windows let in a good amount of light, though not very much noise as the double-pane glass kept the unit relatively quiet. Even though we were close to 6th Ave, we really only heard the traffic when a Metro bus came by.

In the kitchen, nice features include cork flooring, composite stone slab countertops, and stainless steel appliances. In the bathroom, there is a washer and dryer set, though you can save electricity by air drying your garments on a retractable clothesline.

The one-bedroom model unit felt spacious. And storage fans will love the walk-in closet in the bedroom. The two-bedroom model unit, though, felt smaller in comparison. The living room is narrower and it would be a tight squeeze to fit a queen sized bed in the the guest bedroom.

While the overall quality met our expectations, the price was a bit of a surprise, in a good way. As we reported previously, the price points for the conventional one and two bedrooms top out at $3,500 and $3,930 a month, respectively. (Those numbers do not include the penthouse units, which are more expensive) So we were expecting that range for the model units.

But the 778 sq ft one bedroom is available for $1,850 per month, while the two bedroom, two bath unit (982 sq ft) is listed for $2,125 a month. Granted, that is not cheap and both are middle units on the second floor. Still, the prices are pretty competitive for brand new, high-end construction in the heart of downtown. Plus, the leasing manager says they’re offering concessions for folks who are pre-leasing, while supplies last.

As you go higher up in the two towers at Via6, and if you get a corner unit with a nice view, the rents do go up. But if you don’t mind being on the lower floors, there are some good, relatively affordable options.

There are more than 50 floor plans spread out in the 654-unit complex. And if you don’t like the color palette in the model units, you can choose from three other finishes, including one with black floors and gray kitchen cabinets.

Construction firm Lease Crutcher Lewis is still working throughout the site. That is why you can’t visit any of the common areas yet. Management company Riverstone Residential says the building will be ready for move in March, 1st, 2013. (The project is owned by Pine Street Group, developed by Bentall-Kennedy).

All in all, this complex between Belltown and South Lake Union is on par with other high-end apartment buildings we’ve visited recently, such as The Lyric on Capitol Hill. Though, it appears to be more aggressively priced right out of the block.