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Live Here to Shower in Style

By February 20, 2013

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Glass Shower in Belltown condo

Glass Shower in Belltown

You don’t see snazzy showers like these every day. They’ll let you shower in style, but you better not be shy in case others walk in…

Open shower in West Seattle

We saw these while browsing new listings. The first is a freestanding shower that is encased in a glass tube and located right in the bedroom. It’s  one of the stylish features in this ultra sleek condo in Continental Place in Belltown. This and other custom-made features and contemporary design don’t come cheap. The two-bedroom, 1,459 sq ft home is listed for $1.475 million.


Jump out of bed and into the shower or vice versa

If you want a more open concept, one without the constraints of a glass casing, check out the shower in this newly constructed home on 46th Ave SW in West Seattle. With no wall or door on two sides, you can walk right in and treat yourself to the three-headed shower.

Three shower heads

Three shower heads

There are other high end features in this three-bedroom, 2,581 sq ft home. It came onto the market today at $739,000.

What do you think? Would you want a shower like these?