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Live Rent-Free For a Year at Via 6

By February 21, 2013


As a flood of new apartments hits Seattle, we’ve been curious to see how the projects will stand out from each other. Especially since many of them seem to look exactly the same inside. Via6 has already attracted attention with its two towers, 654 units (photos from our tour back in October) and heavy-hitting ground-floor retail presence (Tom Douglas, with three new concepts, and Velo Bike Shop which we are crushed is moving from Capitol Hill.)

Today, Via6 announced a promotion that’s bound to attract attention—The Great Via6 Scavenger Hunt. It’s an online and in-person game with challenges focused on downtown Seattle. The grand prize  is pretty amazing—the winner will receive a year of free rent on a new one-bedroom, one–bathroom apartment at Via6. Plus, sixteen additional winners will score deals afrom downtown organizations that represent the experiences people would have living at Via6, including Tom Douglas Restaurants, City Kitchens, KEXP and others.

The game begins on March 13. Game registration (500 spots available) is online at www.FreeRentVia6.com.

The developer of Via6, Pine Street Group L.L.C., is teaming up with The Go Game, a San Francisco-based game company, to produce the promotion.

Disclaimer: As of today Via6 is an Urban Living advertiser so naturally we’re excited to help them get the word out about this whacky promotion.

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