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Since They Just Picked a New Pope…

By March 13, 2013

Capitol Hill, Central District, Townhouses

To celebrate the Roman Catholic cardinals’ successful conclave in Rome, here’s a new listing that puts a spotlight on the church….well, at least the one next door.

A divine view at 823 18th Ave.

A divine view at 823 18th Ave.

This townhome southeast of Capitol Hill is steps away from Immaculate Conception Church on 18th Ave. And two of the listing photos prominently portray the home’s proximity to the house of worship.

Immaculate Conception Church looms in the background

Immaculate Conception Church looms in the background

Perhaps it’s a nod to the fixation on who will be chosen to succeed Pope Benedict the 16th. (By the way, white smoke was seen rising from the Sistine Chapel just after 11am Seattle time, indicating the cardinals have elected a new pontiff).

Back to real estate, this two bedroom and two and a half bath townhome spans 1,510 sq. ft. and features a mix of industrial and more traditional styles. The home is listed for $565,000, $34,000 less than when it last sold in 2007. A neighbor next door tells us there was a viewing at 7 am this morning, just one sign that the price is in line with the market.


The listing also boasts a “gourmet kitchen, attached garage, and an entertainment sized deck that has a garden space and gas hook up.”

While the church looms large from the east, that is not the only structure that casts a shadow on this home as buildings seem to surround it from all sides. I would worry about my neighbors looking into my business, let alone the Man upstairs.