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Developers Capitalize on the Rise of Cycling’s Popularity

By June 24, 2013

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Nice work by the PSBJ digging into urban cycling trends and developers, Developers capitalize on the rise of cycling’s popularity:

The cost of adding bike parking, showers and other facilities to existing buildings or designing them into new ones isn’t cheap, as evidenced by the $300,000 that Kemper is spending in Bellevue to add bike racks and showers to accommodate 33 cyclists.

As someone who owns six bikes and lives downtown, what I want is secure bike storage that is in the lobby of the building making it as easy as possible to just hop on your bike and go. A place to tune, and wash your bike is key too.

Coincidentally we just received a note from someone working on an early-stage company to help cyclists and they’d love some help if you have 10 minutes to take their survey:

This 10-minute survey is mostly fast multiple choice, intended for families with bikes or urban bike owners who might also have less room than needed for bikes. Transportation challenges are also relevant.

The survey provider is an early-stage start-up company deciding whether to make a product solution available in the United States. In recognition of the thought that you have put into your answers, there will be a free gift at the end for the first 25 people who complete this survey.

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