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Video: Stacking a New Belltown Apartment Building

By October 15, 2013

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Here’s a pretty cool time-lapse video showing how crews stacked, like Lego blocks, half of a new 7-story apartment building in Belltown.

We snapped photos as the crews lifted the first two pre-fabricated units and laid them into place last weekend. This 48-second video shows another 26 units being stacked on the foundation at 2217 Third Avenue over about 30 hours.

The video shows how this method of construction, where units are built offsite and then brought together, can save a lot of time. Next weekend, the crews will stack the rest of the 49 modular units. Together, they will form N’Habit, downtown Seattle’s first modular apartment building. The project is pre-leasing now and will open in early 2014.
Video is courtesy of One Build Inc, the Seattle-based company that supplies the pre-fabricated units, and Charter Construction, which is the general contractor.