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Meet Joe (Arnold Lofts). He’s Green, Looks Good, And Available For Rent

By January 6, 2014

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We’ve been meaning to visit the Joseph Arnold Lofts in Belltown, not just because we gravitate toward shiny, new buildings but because we’re fans of The Schuster Group’s last downtown residential development: Mosler Lofts.

Like its sibling a few blocks away on Third Ave, Joseph Arnold Lofts features a lot of glass and exposed concrete. It also claims to set a new standard for environmentally-friendly construction as the first “Green Globes” Certified residential high-rise in Seattle. Mosler Lofts was the first LEED Silver certified high-rise condominium in Seattle.

Joseph Arnold Lofts at 62 Cedar St.

Joseph Arnold Lofts at 62 Cedar St, the corner of Elliott Ave and Cedar

The building’s green theme is, in part, a tribute to its namesake, Joesph Arnold Schuster, the developer’s father who loved the outdoors and supported environmental causes, according to leasing consultant Jesse Plack.

The Joe’s green attributes include the use of recycled building materials, energy-efficient fixtures and a vegetated green roof that reduces water run-off. The roof also puts you in the outdoors, with wonderful views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.



View from roof-top deck

View from roof-top deck

Let’s get to the lofts themselves. There are 131 units in the building, about 50% of which are already leased. Of the apartments that are still available, here are the price points. Ranging from just below $3 per square foot to $4 per square foot, Joe is not cheap but it’s not the most expensive either of the new apartments around downtown.

Studio:                                             526 – 567 sq ft – $1,690 to $1,735/mo

Open One Bedroom:                       592 – 849 sq ft – $1,880 to $3,200/mo

Open One Bedroom + Den:                      882 sq ft – $2,830 to $2,855/mo

Two Bedrooms:                          1,057 – 1,213 sq ft – $3,700 to $4,250/mo

Parking is an additional $215 per month. Some units are offering two-weeks free rent. Not surprisingly, the most expensive units are those have Puget Sound as part of the living room.


Unit #1102 – 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

The second "bedroom"

The second “bedroom”

Open-concept closet

Open-air closet

Note from the last two photos, the “loft” style means some “bedrooms” are open in more ways than one. There is no door separating the bedroom and living space and the wall that serves as part of the open-air closets doesn’t reach the ceiling. Here’s a photo from another unit that shows the concept…


The exposed concrete and ductwork accentuate the loft style. The units are not cold and industrial, however, as bamboo floors and rich brown cabinets warm up the spaces. Furniture and art also help. We’ll put up a second post with photos of the model unit.

Meanwhile, here are photos of the many amenities at Joe, from a large fitness center to a bike storage that comes with a workbench to a sizable community lounge. Not pictured: a conference room with WiFi and audio/visual presentations and a guest suite that residents can rent for visiting guests.