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Macklemore’s $2.1m Capitol Hill House

By March 6, 2014

Capitol Hill

News broke this week that Ryan Lewis of Macklemore bought a big pad on the water in Magnolia. We’ve known for months that his pal Macklemore bought a place on Capitol Hill but couldn’t figure out which home. Thanks to a tipster and some further digging it appears Macklemore bought a $2.1m home on North Capitol Hill.

3 bedrooms, 2.25 baths, 2,920 square feet and not too far from the Dick’s on Broadway.

Here’s a tour of his old apartment to give you a sense of how he is likely redecorating his new place.

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - Exterior

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - View

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - Living Room

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - Kitchen

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - Bedroom

1935 10th Ave E - Macklemore - Deck

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