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New Boutique Building in SLU Is A Work of Art

By June 26, 2014

Apartments, South Lake Union

It took maybe two minutes after stepping into 325 Westlake to develop a crush on the new residential project. Unlike some other buildings that shout about luxury features that turn out to be more marketing than material, 325 Westlake doesn’t have to  pound its chest very hard.

The quality of the design, material, and touches in this new boutique building in South Lake Union is readily apparent. (The photos don’t quite do it justice to an in-person tour…)

325 Westlake, located on Westlake Avenue between Thomas and Harrison Streets

325 Westlake, located on Westlake Avenue between Thomas and Harrison Streets





That 325 Westlake approaches a work of art is not a huge surprise when you consider the project’s pedigree. The developer is MadArt, an organization that aims to support and showcase emerging artists. MadArt’s studio occupies the renovated brick storefront at 325 Westlake Avenue. Behind the studio, MadArt commissioned Capitol Hill-based Graham Baba Architects to design a new glass and steel building that houses 12 contemporary apartments.

You may know Graham Baba more for their retail projects such as Melrose Market and the Olive Way Starbucks on Capitol Hill and Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard. Those spaces are modern yet warm, spacious yet intimate. The same can be said for 325 Westlake.

Graham Baba hasn’t done many multi-family residential projects. Here’s hoping they do more because 325 Westlake is pretty much spoken for. According to Tim Maass, leasing agent at Blanton Turner, 11 of the 12 units were rented in about a week’s time. If you’re interested, fortunately, the best unit was still available as of Wednesday. The penthouse, with a wrap-around deck, is spectacular. Here are more penthouse photos and details.

With monthly rents ranging from $1,875 to $2,600, the non-penthouse units are a good value given the finishes. The homes are condo quality with beautiful wood cabinet built-ins, polished concrete floors, stainless steel appliances and high-end fixtures. Ultra high-speed internet, provided by CondoInternet, is included in the rent.

View inside a loft home looking across Westlake Avenue to the east

View inside a loft home looking across Westlake Avenue to the east

Nestled in the heart of South Lake Union – between Thomas and Harrison Streets – 325 Westlake is well positioned for the tremendous growth that is happening in the neighborhood. But there’s also a downside to the building’s location, especially for the west-facing units. Nearby buildings are being or will be torn down and will be replaced with taller office and residential buildings. That will decrease the amount of light that filters into the homes.

Finally, the building does not have a garage so you would be forced to find street parking or rent a space in a nearby garage. Of course, it’s not an issue if you don’t walk or bike to work.

Here are a few more pictures from my tour…