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Modular Two-Story Lofts in Belltown With Great Views

By July 12, 2014

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We’ve featured the model unit and some of the lower floors at downtown Seattle’s first modular apartment complex. But the top floor units were just recently completed and I think they’re the best ones in the building. For example, check out this Puget Sound-facing apartment…





‘N’ Habit, located  at 2217 Third Avenue (between Bell and Blanchard), is essentially a series of pre-fabricated wooden boxes stacked together. The boxes at the top are two-levels and offer anywhere from 546 to 752 total square feet.

The units make good use of the available space. But one of the main selling points, aside from not having someone living on top of you, is the water view out west or the downtown views to the east, which includes the new Insignia tower.



The two levels are connected by an off-setting staircase, which does take a few trips to get used to…


The rest of the finishes in the unit are not fancy. They’re mostly apartment-grade, standard materials. But what you’re paying for is the space and central location and the views. By the way, you get to be  a door or a few doors down from a nice roof-top deck…



Disclaimer: ‘N’ Habit, developed by Daly Partners, is an Urban Living advertiser.