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Don’t Like A Rectangular-Shaped Space? Try This Triangle…

By July 28, 2014

Apartments, Capitol Hill

Tour enough of the new residential properties coming online around the city and you realize that there are only so many ways to divide up a rectangular space. After a while, the units, especially studios and open one-bedrooms, start looking the same. If you’re looking for some variety, try this V-shaped unit at the new VIVA on Capitol Hill.

Unit 519 at VIVA on Capitol Hill at 12th and Union and Madison

Unit 519 at VIVA on Capitol Hill

Floor Plan

Floor plan for Unit #519

VIVA at the intersection of 12th and Union and Madison

VIVA at the intersection of 12th and Union and Madison

The triangular-shaped apartment occupies the tip of the triangular-shaped building that points east toward Union Street. The photos and floor plan above might suggest that the living space is rather narrow but actually it is quite spacious. The unit is a generous 1,169 square feet. Rather than cut up the space with too many walls, the architect opted for as open of a concept as possible, leaving it to the resident to divvy up the living space.

This floor plan is still available on the fourth and fifth floors of the building. If you’re interested, the rent is between $3,005 and $3,250 a month. There’s more information at VIVA’s website.

The next picture shows the easternmost vertex of the unit. Condo fans will recognize the building across the street as the Trace Lofts. Behind the artwork on the wall are an outlet and cable connection, perfect for a  wall-mounted TV.