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A New Dimension to Living in Belltown

By August 25, 2014

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A 26-story residential building is wrapping up construction at 3rd and Cedar and the developer promises to deliver several new features to apartment living in downtown Seattle. I went for a hard hat tour of Dimension by Alta and liked what I saw.

The European-style interiors are sleek and clean, and many units offer wonderful views. The apartments are book-ended by a swanky and spacious deck on the roof and a multipurpose studio on the ground floor. For some, though, the apartments may be on the small side and/or a bit pricey for the size (Rent and square footage ranges are listed below).

Dimension by Alta, located at 3rd Ave and Cedar St.

Dimension by Alta, located at 3rd Ave and Cedar St.



One feature stood out immediately as I stepped into the apartments. Beautiful natural cork flooring line every room except the bathroom(s). Of the three or four dozen new apartment buildings that I’ve toured in the past year, I don’t remember one with such a flooring option. Noise from your neighbor above or below shouldn’t be much of a problem with nine inches of concrete between each floor.



Other notable features include exposed concrete ceilings, living rooms with floor to ceiling windows, appliances that are built into the cabinetry and flat-surface stove tops.

The project, by Wood Partners, definitely took a more a minimalist route to the design. Most of the cabinetry and counter surfaces are either white or a soft cream color. The leasing manager said they wanted a modern and sleek feel with an “industrial pop” that isn’t very loud, serving more as a backdrop. Note that many of the units are still under construction and the photos reflect that continuing work.




Click on the thumbnails above to see larger versions of the photos. For most of the units, especially in the upper floors, the muted style and tones allow the real stars to shine and that’s the views. Depending on which direction you face, you have unobstructed vistas of downtown or Space Needle or Lake Union or Puget Sound. Some units have a full bay window that serves as a wonderful nook to enjoy downtown views.





There are more than 40 floor plans to choose from among the 298 units in the building. Here are the general categories of apartments and their rent ranges…

Studio:                                                421 – 546 sq ft  – $1,570 to $2,495

Open 1 bedroom                           472 – 774 sq ft – $1,650 to $3,150

One bedroom                                  512 – 727 sq ft  – $1,600 to $3,020

Two bedroom/one bath             758 – 972 sq ft – $2,295 to $4,115

Two bedroom/two bath             943 – 970 sq ft – $2,295 to $3,275

Parking is additional. For perspective, Dimension has smaller units and fewer amenities than The Wave in Pioneer Square, yet are listed for higher rents. It will be up to people to decide which “central location” is more desirable and commands the rent premium.

The outlines of the roof-top lounge and deck are in place but a lot of work remains. The photos below give you an idea of the tremendous space that will be available to residents. I particularly like the “Nannawalls”, the sliding glass doors that open the lounge out to the deck.




On the ground level, a 3,000+ square foot space will serve as a “cultural hub”. Acoustically treated, the space will be able to accommodate musical performances, art displays and other community events. The space also opens up to the street and the developer envisions the space even hosting a farmers market.  The most unique feature of “The Ground Floor Project” is that Dimension plans to hire a cultural liaison that schedules events for the community and for its residents. Community groups will not be charged to use the space upon agreement with the building.