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Broadstone Infinity has Lofts for Rent on Capitol Hill

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Broadstone Infinity on CH - front drawing

The apartment complex that includes the 1915 built Davis Hoffman building at 10th and Union is open for business.  Named Broadstone Infinity, the official address is 1414 10th Ave, though you aren’t likely to miss it when driving by.  They have lofts, real lofts; even 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom lofts.  They are mostly large units, so with an average of $3/sq ft, prices will seem high for many of the units.  The website has apartment and floor level layouts, prices, and more information about the long list of amenities.  They seem to be very pet friendly.  Pictures are lacking of the lofts.  There are a couple on craigslist that look like they are from a loft or maybe not, can’t tell.  So if the management were to send some to our tipline, I’d be happy to add them to this post.  Sadly, I won’t be able to make it over to Seattle today for the Meld launch party, so I can’t take a peek at the units.

Broadstone Infinity on CH - rooftop deck

Broadstone Infinity on CH - courtyard

Broadstone Infinity on CH - construction