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Does Your Condo or Apartment Have a Mouse Problem?

By June 10, 2015

Et cetera

Time to tackle a serious question.

Does your condo (or apartment) have a mouse problem?

I never, not once, in all my time living and owning a condo in Seattle considered for a moment that I might have to worry about mice. But after hearing my brother-and-sister-in-law talk about their battles with mice in a Capitol Hill condo on Olive Way I thought it was worth seeing if this was a one-off problem at a building converted to condos in the last cycle or if it was something that other condo and apartment dwellers silently dealt with?

In just a few months they’ve trapped about ten mice but have seen many more. They went from being like me, knowing nothing about mice, to knowing the traps to buy and the traps to avoid. (They recommend old school traps, not the sticky pads. And to use peanut butter as bait.)

Inquiring minds want to how big is the mouse problem in multi-family residential!

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