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Zillow Data Accuracy Under Fire Again

By October 7, 2015

Et cetera

Using Zillow to search for homes for sale? Think again.

If the studies from Redfin or Realtor’s accuracy matters campaign haven’t convinced you another site has done a study of Zillow’s data, What Zillow Doesn’t Want You To Know:

Currently, has fewer listings than in 40 out of 51 cities. The discrepancy is often quite substantial: in 23 of the 51 cities, has more than 20 percent fewer listings, and in a couple of cities is behind by more than 40 percent!

In a handful of cities, notably New York, Phoenix, Detroit, Portland (OR), Buffalo and its hometown Seattle, provides more listings than While this may indicate the absence of some listings from, it may also reflect data quality issues in Zillow’s database, such as incorrect listing details, or duplicate or expired listings.

So what do we recommend? In Seattle, Redfin is our fave (disclosure: I’m a shareholder) but you’d be well served by any MLS-powered site such as Windermere, John L Scott or Estately.

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