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A Reader’s Rental Success Story

By November 6, 2015

Et cetera

I recently met with a reader to chat about buying a loft but he ended up renting instead because he got an amazing deal. In his words, here is what he was able to negotiate for a Capitol Hill loft:

Since I waited it out, the rent ended up being $120 less ($2475) and I also got them to do 3 weeks free. For a really nice 900 square foot loft, I think that’s pretty good.

Totally feels like a buyer’s market right now as far as rentals are concerned. I wonder how much of that is seasonal vs. due to all the new buildings that are opening up. My suspicion is that apartment developers are overestimating the growth, though I guess we’ll see in the summer.

We’d love to hear from others who recently rented or bought and what they were able to negotiate (or weren’t able to.)

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