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Buyers Aren’t Giving Up, Too Little is For Sale

By August 31, 2016

Market Report

Curbed Seattle pulls together quotes from a few different sources and asks, Seattle’s housing market so good for sellers, are buyers giving up? It is a catchy headline, one that has been making its way around social media the last day or so.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients this year and no one has given up. However, people are definitely frustrated with how many homes are for sale. The good news is that the amount of homes for sale has increased throughout the year but compared to years past it is still very low.

And of course, July and August have been a little slow, everyone has been on vacation enjoying the nice weather :). Things will go back to complete frantic insanity next week.

I think the question to ask is, homeowners, why aren’t you selling?

Source: NWMLS, active inventory by month.

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