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Chickens as an Apartment Amenity!?

By January 19, 2017


Just when you thought you’d seen all the possible apartment amenities they could dream up to justify exorbitant rents, you find out that chicken’s are the new yoga room: No yolk! Chickens are Seattle’s hot new apartment amenity

Add hens to the list. There’s a flock of them on top of Bowman, the recently opened mid-rise project at 3801 Stone Way N. The developer, the Seattle office of Foster City, California-based Legacy Partners, thinks it’s the first rooftop chicken coop in Seattle.

But we have news for the developer. These are not the first rooftop chicken coop in Seattle. Maybe for an apartment. But we know of a townhouse development in Beacon Hill where one of the owners keeps chickens on the roof much to the chagrin of his neighbors.

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