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Last Week’s Wrap-up: Offer War Stories and More

By May 15, 2017

Et cetera

My take on the market last week is that some sellers are pricing closer to market and seem more likely than before to accept an early offer. I encourage all serious buyers to see homes as soon as they hit the market, unfortunately it is very hard to know which sellers will honor their offer deadlines and which won’t.┬áIf you like the place, try an early offer. I had two clients miss out on homes because the seller accepted an offer ahead of the deadline :(.

Here are the stories I shared with fellow agents over beers:

  • A Wallingford single-family home went at least 35% over asking. 17 offers. Winner was all cash.
  • A $500k listing in Licton Springs (on Wallingford Ave) got 40 offers. 40!
  • A condo at 2200 had 3 offers and went well over asking.
  • Fort Lawton lowered the price on another of their remaining five homes
  • A nearly 40 year old condo sold over asking days before its offer deadline
  • A six-unit West Seattle project sold two units the day it hit the market and had multiple offers on the one unit they stuck to the offer deadline with. The remaining units sold within a week.
  • Two great loft went pending within 48 hours of hitting the market. One ahead of their deadline, the other didn’t have one.
  • An unassuming condo right next to 99 in Lower Queen Anne, listed at $340k got 22 offers and sold for $460k
  • That Magnolia place we blogged about? Only 3 offers.
  • That waterfront cabin + floating home? 3 offers.
  • A $1.1m condo at Insignia went pending in 3 hours today

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