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Seattle Times Launches a Must-Read Home Buyers Guide

By May 18, 2018

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Mike Rosenberg over at the Seattle Times has put together a great guide for buyers, How to buy a home in the Seattle area: a survival guide.

Overall we love it! It is much better illustrated than our own home buying guide :).

Reading through it, here are a few additional notes to keep in mind:

Saving up

We’ve helped many buyers with small down payments buy a home, so if you don’t have a lot saved up, you can still buy a place. And if you already own a home, there are more and more options to help you buy without selling first (home equity line of credit, bridge financing and specialized portfolio loans.)

If you’re buying a single-family home, we also recommend putting aside an additional $10-20k as almost all single-family homes will need some immediate work of one kind of another.

Picking your broker

I’m skeptical of the advice to shop agents by going to open houses as most of the agents sitting open houses are junior/in-experienced agents looking to meet new clients. Top tier agents aren’t usually spending their Sundays doing open houses.

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