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“Neighborhood Collective” to Start Reservations September 15th

By September 7, 2018

750 on the Hill, Edison, Wallingford 45

We hear that the “Neighborhood Collective”, three buildings that were to be apartments but will now be condos, will start reservations on September 15th. The same time as Solis, and a week ahead of Mira Flats.

The condos are:

  • Atrium – 34 units at 750 11th Ave. E.
  • Wallingford 45 – 48 units at 1601 N. 45th St.
  • Edison – 51 units at 121 12th Ave. E.

Prices range from below $400,000 to more than $800,000.

The sales center will be at 1420 E Madison St but I don’t believe it will be open until they accept reservations which is a little odd. It’d be nice to preview it before I camp out overnight! :)

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