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Weekly Update

By February 9, 2019

Market Report
View onlineHappy Snowpocalypse!

I was surprised to see 131 new homes for sale given how hard it is to get out and see houses. We were going to bring on a cool listing but our photographer got stuck trying to get to it so we’re going to hold off until after the snow melts and until after mid-winter break, which really pushes us back a bit. Oh well, we’ll play in the snow instead. (Buyers, expect a ton of new listings the last week of February.)

The big news this week is that Seattle-area home prices drop to lowest point in two years — down $116,000 since last spring. While prices are down, keep in mind that January closings are based off of deals negotiated in December. In January we were seeing good homes sell quickly, often with multiple offers. There are deals to be had, but usually with homes that have been sitting unsold. I expect prices will start to move up for at least the next few months especially with reasonable rates.

Of those few listings that came on, our faves are this incredible Pioneer Square lofta re-listed a-frame on Mercer Island, and a live/work in Fremont.  

Thinking about new construction? We updated our list of all the new construction projects coming up

Reminder, our happy hour is this Wednesday, weather permitting. 

Enjoy the snow!

p.s. we’re hiring a marketing coordinator/blogger

I’m the founder and managing broker of Urban Living. I love lofts, floating homes, new construction and mid-century moderns but will help you buy or sell just about anything.

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