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Weekly Wrapup

By March 30, 2019

Market Report

Our take on the market right now is that good single-family homes sub-$1.5m and well-priced resale condos and older townhomes are selling briskly. If you’re thinking of selling, now is the time! If you’re buying, prepare for it to be competitive, but don’t settle for just any house; it is still early in the real estate season with lots more good houses likely to hit the market. Be patient. As a data point, that charming home we listed in Maple Leaf at $799k had 6 offers and sold in the mid-$800s with no contingencies. 

Of the ~290 new listings that hit the market this week, so many mid-centuries! Waterfront on Mercer Island for $4.1m, or in Matthews Beach for $1.45m. Or get views of the lake from View Ridge. Need a project? We like this one in Bryant for that. Move-in-ready? We like this remodeled one in Magnolia. But our favorite of the week isn’t a mid-century, it is a 12 year old home in Magnolia for $2.65m

And the floating home market is waking up from winter as we see a new end of dock one in Portage Bay for $1.5m hit the market, as well as the re-listing of two from last year; one on Portage Bay and another by the Fremont Bridge. We can’t wait to see what other floating homes hit the market this year. 

In condo news, we helped another buyer secure a high-floor unit at Emerald. But if you don’t want to pay the premium for new,  a $3.2m penthouse at Insignia hit the market looking like a great deal relative to penthouses at Emerald/Spire/First Light/Nexus. Speaking of Nexus, they re-listed a number of units on the MLS as they approach completion at the end of this year. Or there’s a $4m place at the Four Seasons. And finally, Wallingford 45 is back on the market and here’s a look at Bosa’s delayed, Civic Square project

I’m the founder and managing broker of Urban Living. I love lofts, floating homes, new construction and mid-century moderns but will help you buy or sell just about anything.

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