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How Much Do These Sales Galleries Cost Anyway?

By April 17, 2019

Avenue Bellevue, First Light Seattle, Spire, The Emerald

We have four sales centers open right now between Seattle and Bellevue. Piecing together a recent PSBJ article with what we’ve heard, here’s a look at what the sales galleries cost:

Cost# of unitsCost per unit
Avenue Bellevue$4-5m98$40-51,000
First Light$3m459$6,535

What are they spending all that money on?

  • One or two bedroom units, completely built out (Avenue, Emerald and Spire)
  • Large touch screens (All of them)
  • Scale model of the building that lights up (Emerald)
  • Virtual reality (First Light)
  • Art gallery (First Light)
  • Photorealistic imagery (all of them)
  • Curated scents (Emerald, read more)

Note: it is unclear if those costs include the cost of the real estate for the sales gallery, staffing, etc.

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