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Let’s Hear from the Designers More Please

By May 22, 2019

The Emerald

The Emerald hosted a design talk last night with their all female design team, architect Julia Nagele of Hewitt and interior designer Susan Marinello. Reminding me that I’d, and I’m sure prospective buyers, would love to hear more from the designers of projects. Hearing about the constraints and opportunities gives us all a better appreciation and understanding for what we’re looking at.

For instance it was interesting to hear that Hewitt’s offices are just to the west of the Emerald site. Literally next door. Definitely gives them a perspective on the location that other architects likely aren’t going to have! (There was a lot of talk about how location is an amenity.)

It was also interesting to learn that Emerald has only 45% vision glass because even though we’re in a temperate climate we have a very strict energy code. More glass would mean a higher cooling load which would mean more energy… And the outdoor 3rd floor terrace required an exception from the city and is thoughtfully positioned on the leeward side of the building so it isn’t windy.

So marketers, less lifestyle videos, more on the background of the project!

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