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Weekly Wrap-up

By June 2, 2019

Market Report

The news this week is that the a councilmember wants to ban McMansions so we get more backyard apartments. This is ridiculous. Seattle does not have a McMansion problem (the examples they cite are from before 2015!), it has a zoning problem. Let’s focus our energy on building 40-story towers next to Light Rail stops. Thinking that limiting homes to 2,500 square feet increases affordability is ridiculous. Of course I support loosening DADU and ADU rules, but most people who buy new $1.5m-$2m homes that have a backyard unit don’t need to rent them and use them as extra living space. They’re not the answer, radically increased density is. 

…New listing activity recovered this past week from the long weekend lull. Buyers and sellers keep in mind we now have just a couple weeks left before the summer slow down. Contrary to popular opinion summer is a very quiet time for real estate in Seattle with everyone on vacation enjoying the sun. For active buyers, you’ll likely get under contract in the next couple weeks or will be waiting until September. As over the summer, there are fewer new listings, but also less competition. For sellers, your window to get your place pending before the July long weekend is rapidly closing. However, if you’re on market over the summer you will have less competition, but fewer buyers. 

Join us on the water! Our neighbor is selling their great 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom floating home with 34′ moorage and awesome rooftop deck. Hurry, you want to be moved in by July 4th :). Or, here’s a brand new build by Dyna in Portage Bay

If living on the water isn’t your thing (!?!?), here are some other great options this week – an authentic loft in Belltowna nearly untouched mid-century in Laurelhurstanother mid-century in Laurelhursta mid-century in Magnoliaa mid-century in Beacon Hilla mid-century in south West Seattlea 70’s NW contemporary (with a pool!) in Seward Park, and I dig the interiors on this 1905 Capitol Hill home.

Looking for new? Our pick of the week is this $3m Kirkland home with two 20′ “doors”. Modern farmhouse fans check out this Scandinavian-inspired one in Bryantthis Dwell-inspired one in Hillman City or a like-new one in Seward Park.

Hope you’re enjoying this great weather!

p.s. like climbing? Check out photo 18 of this Wedgwood home

I’m the founder and managing broker of Urban Living. I love lofts, floating homes, new construction and mid-century moderns but will help you buy or sell just about anything.

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