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This Fremont modern townhouse is finished with coziness

By March 11, 2020

Fremont, Townhouses

“Quaint” isn’t really a word you’d use to describe most turn-of-the-21st-century Seattle townhouses, but 3824 Evanston Ave N Unit 1 fits the bill. It’s part of Stonewater, a collection of a dozen homes built along a Fremont hillside in 1999. It was inspired by developer William Parks’ time living on a houseboat, only instead of siting them along real water, he brought in a zoo exhibit designer to install boulder-filled, human-made creek in the center. The effort earned an AIA Home of the Year award.

The homier touches start at the shingled exterior—perhaps another nod to houseboats. Inside, natural materials show off attention to detail: hardwood floors, slate fireplace, and wood trim. Nothing is too loud visually, but there are some big highlights, like a cedar sauna and a large, terraced balcony off the master.

Listed by Edward Krigsman, Windermere | Priced at $925,000

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