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Madrona townhouse has live/work balance

By March 24, 2020

Live/Work, Madrona, Townhouses

1437 34th Ave is one of several adjoining live/work townhomes right on Madrona’s main drag of small businesses. While some live/work homes can end up just being a residence with an awkward front room, this one maintains a healthy separation between home and commercial—and could even be rented separately.

The home is lofted, and it’s all part of the residence, not just how the home interacts with the office. A 17-foot window wall towers over a pocket of the living room, and shines on the bedroom above. An extra little pocket opposite a bedroom could be a study, den, or library, or just a massive closet with a view. A truly massive open kitchen is tucked under the loft.

One of the listing’s bigger features isn’t immediately visible: A rainwater recycling system, which collects rainwater and repurposes it in the home.

Above, there’s a generous rooftop deck complete with raised beds and a peek at Mount Rainier. Below, the street-level storefront is versatile—and either industrial or unfinished, depending on how you look at it.

Listed by Francisca Wery, Windermere | Pried at $998,000

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