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A dreamy little off-grid cabin on two Vashon Island acres

By November 12, 2020

Vashon Island

This property on SW Pohl Road on Vashon Island is exactly the kind of place you start dreaming about after hours of doomscrolling: A cute little cabin in the woods, where it’s extremely hard for the outside world to bother you. This under-200-square-foot retreat is a modern take on the classic cabin, with exposed-grain detail and a cozy sleeping loft. The outdoor space is much more vast; it sits on more than two acres of forested land on the southwest tip of Vashon Island, near the Tahlequah ferry terminal to Point Defiance.

The cabin is bring-your-own-everything. Heat comes from a wood stove. Light comes from windows and a skylight. The bathroom’s an outhouse, complete with composting toilet and a small stall with a drain for your preferred camping shower solution.

There’s plenty of space to build something with all the modern conveniences—electricity can go here, although you’ll have to contend with well water and a septic tank—but it’s a gorgeous getaway as-is.

Listed by Tom Hobbs, Redfin | Priced at $210,000

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