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Modern Shed goes portable with the Dwelling on Wheels

By November 23, 2020

Architecture, Tiny Homes and Backyard Cottages

Small-space builder Modern Shed typically works with foundations, but their latest design is their take on a tiny-house classic: the tiny house on wheels. The 221-square-foot DW, short for Dwelling on Wheels, uses the portable, permit-friendly RV setup, then adds in the careful design of a backyard studio. Modern Shed’s modular layouts make the space infinitely customizable.

The goal, as Modern Shed puts it, is to feel “right-sized.” Rather than try to cram a lot of house-like features in there (or create elaborate workarounds) Modern Shed uses its tiny-space expertise from years of building backyard cottages to create an efficient space that uses every inch of its square footage without forcing it. The sleek, modern exterior has a gabled roof for an added homey feel, accented with large windows for natural light. Cedar accents on the outside and birch paneling on the inside add warmth.

Modern Shed custom-makes each DW to order, but offers a couple of standard setups. The suggested home layout sleeps three with built-in bunks: one below between a double and a queen, and a twin above, with built-in storage below. One of the bunks could serve as extra lounge or storage space when it’s not a full house. In front, a living area and kitchenette gather around a full wall of window stretching up into the gable. An included wood stove provides plenty of heat for the small space. A home office layout switches it up, with a cozy booth for meetings standing in place of the bunk beds.

The DW comes standard with a tank for running water in the kitchen. There’s a suggested small bathroom between the kitchen and the sleeping area that comes standard with sewer and septic plumbing, although Modern Shed can customize it with different waste system like a blackwater tank or composting. For those that don’t need the bathroom, this pocket can provide extra kitchen space.

Designed to be at home in a backyard or off-grid, the DW has a solar array on the roof and insulation designed to keep it warm with the wood stove alone in a Northwest climate. (Modern Shed includes a couple of electric wall heaters as a backup.) It comes with a custom staircase to connect the porch and the ground when parked. Add extra outdoor lounge space with an optional deck extension.

The DW starts at $129,000. Get all the details at Modern Shed.

Sarah was a contributing writer to Urban Living. She can’t sell you a house (but Matt and team can!), but she’ll talk about them for as long as anybody will listen.