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The Marlborough Flipped in a Year For Double

The Marlborough

By November 23, 2011

From the Seattle Times, Vintage apartment building on First Hill sells at…

Seattle’s Newer Apartments Are Leasing Up

LINK Apts, The Marlborough

By September 14, 2011

I can’t believe it has been 3 months since I last checked…

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Leasing Up: 3 Left at Marlborough, The Station Has Incentives

LINK Apts, The Marlborough

By June 15, 2011

After touching base with Legacy at Pratt Park, it seemed like a…

Lofts, Flats, and Apartments for Rent

Agnes Lofts, Broadway Building, Packard, Rollin Street, The Marlborough

By May 10, 2011

There’s been all this talk about apartment projects getting started, but those…

Marlborough Now Renting

The Marlborough

By February 28, 2011

You were wondering what was up at the Marlborough last December when…

Marlborough Bought For $13m, What’s Up Now?

The Marlborough

By December 28, 2010

A reader wonders what is up with the Marlborough? After a big…

Marlborough and Domaine Sold At Auction

Domaine, The Marlborough

By June 1, 2009

Aubrey must have a subscription to the DJC since he’s picked up…

Live Historic Project Back to Apartments

The Marlborough

By October 6, 2008

Jim has the scoop that Live Historic’s Marlborough project is no longer…

Tour of the Marlborough

The Marlborough

By April 23, 2008

This afternoon I toured the Marlborough with Kate Miller, from the Fearey…

Party at The Marlborough

The Marlborough

By April 21, 2008

The Marlborough, a Live Historic conversion on First Hill at 1220 Boren,…