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Equinox: What’s Included?


By June 3, 2008

A concerned buyer has emailed in the following based on their experience…

Seattle Condo Pipeline to Dry Up!

Equinox, Gallery

By May 21, 2008

Equinox and Gallery forwarded the PSBJ article on the Seattle condo pipeline…

Urban Living YouTube Videos

Wasabi Bistro to Open In Equinox?


By April 24, 2008

I heard a rumor that the Wasabi Bistro folks will be one…

Sunday Seattle Times – Move in now!

1, 1521, Ava, Azul Flats, Brix, Equinox, Escala, Fini, Gallery, Marc Anna, Olive 8, Pioneer Square Lofts, Serana, The Parc

By February 11, 2008

Alrighty, no more buying the paper on Super Bowl weekend. Here’s the…

MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates

2200 Westlake, Bellagio, Equinox, Lumen, The Cosmopolitan, The Decatur, The Press, Trace Lofts

By September 14, 2007

2200 25 Bellagio Added 3 more units to the MLS for a…

Seattle Sunday Times – Kinda slow

1, Carbon 56, Equinox, Escala, Live Fremont, Queen Anne High

By August 26, 2007

Curious as to which downtown projects were advertising at the end of…

Condo Expo: Sales #’s updates

Brix, Enso, Equinox, Gallery, Lumen, The Parc, Veer Lofts

By May 20, 2007

I went to the Expo today. Here’s an update on sales numbers.…

Condo happenings this weekend

Brix, Equinox, Expo 62, Trace Lofts

By April 13, 2007

Brix Brix is unveiling their new full size model unit today from…

MLS Watch

2200 Westlake, Bagley Lofts, Equinox, The Cosmopolitan

By March 30, 2007

2200 More new listings, more price reductions. One for $20k. My search…

Buying at Equinox or Leona tomorrow?

Equinox, Leona

By March 23, 2007

Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to buy at either Equinox or Leona.…