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Eastside weekly wrap-up: 7.65% mortgage rates!!

Market Report

By September 27, 2023

Normally when pending sales jump 22% week-over-week, we’d expect active inventory to…

Seattle weekly wrap-up: rates hit multi-decade high

Market Report

By September 26, 2023

The news this week and last is that rates, now at 7.5%…

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Eastside weekly wrap-up: peak inventory and one way to beat interest rates

Market Report

By September 20, 2023

We haven’t been able to say this in a few weeks but…

Seattle weekly wrap-up: highest number of homes for sale this year

Market Report

By September 20, 2023

We’re in the thick of the “fall” real estate season! Last week…

Eastside weekly wrap-up: listings come back as expected; did the buyers come back too?

Market Report

By September 13, 2023

Last week saw new listings rebound in force after the long weekend,…

Seattle weekly wrap-up: what will the fall season bring?

Market Report

By September 6, 2023

Is fall here already!? Thankfully the weather is still nice! But wait,…

Eastside weekly wrap-up: just 95 new listings

Market Report

By September 3, 2023

Happy Labor Day weekend! It should be no surprise that the week…

Eastside weekly wrap-up: summer doldrums roll on as rates cool slightly

Market Report

By August 28, 2023

The slow part of the summer carried on last week as new…

Eastside weekly wrap-up: highest mortgage rates in 20 years!

Market Report

By August 22, 2023

Our sluggish real estate market did not need another jump in rates!…

Seattle weekly wrap-up: rates now near 7.5%

Market Report

By August 21, 2023

Damn, mortgage rates are 7.48% today! Hopefully, they cool off by labor…