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Resales at the Vik Ballard

vik Ballard

By March 6, 2017

Remarkably when the Vik Ballard, a 117-unit building completed last year, was…

Insignia 93%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 18%, Vik 99%

Four Seasons, Insignia Condos, Luma, NEXUS, vik Ballard

By June 2, 2016

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction condo or home, get…

Insignia 92%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 18%, Nexus Coming Soon

Fort Lawton, Four Seasons, Gridiron, Hendon, Insignia Condos, NEXUS, Residences at Fairview, vik Ballard

By May 5, 2016

Hot on the heels of the Seattle Times article, Seattle condos: Short…

Sales Update: Vik 97%, Insignia 89%, Luma 50%, Gridiron 17%

Insignia Seattle
Fort Lawton, Four Seasons, Hendon, Insignia Condos, Luma, vik Ballard

By April 1, 2016

The big update from last month is that the oh-so-secretive Luma released…

Sales Update: Vik 96%, Insignia 86.5%, Luma 30%, Gridiron 16%

Fort Lawton, Gridiron, Hendon, Insignia Condos, Luma, Residences at Fairview, vik Ballard

By March 8, 2016

Selling Now Bryant Heights 14 single family homes, 8 sold, 2 for…

Vik Ballard Update: 7 Condos Left

vik Ballard

By February 8, 2016

I visited Vik Ballard today to pick up keys for an out-of-town…

Vik Ballard Update: 94% Pending

vik Ballard

By January 8, 2016

I did a walkthrough today with a client buying at Vik Ballard.…

Sales Update: Insignia 83%, Luma 30%, Vik 94%, Girdiron 14%

Insignia Seattle
Fort Lawton, Gridiron, Luma, vik Ballard

By January 6, 2016

Happy new year! I’ve had a busy start to the year with…

Condo Sales #’s: Insignia 80%, Gridiron 15%, Fort Lawton 8%

Insignia Condos
Gridiron, Insignia Condos, Luma, Solo Lofts, vik Ballard

By November 3, 2015

Quick update on sales numbers for new construction projects in the area.…

Condo Sales #’s: Insignia 78%, Luma 16%, Solo 90%, Vik 74%

Insignia Seattle
Insignia Condos, Luma, Solo Lofts, vik Ballard

By October 2, 2015

Quick update on sales numbers. Unfortunately just able to get numbers from…