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Rare Brick Clad Capitol Hill Townhome

Capitol Hill

By April 5, 2017

They don’t build em like they used to! Here’s a 2007 townhome…

Isola Homes Announces the Grand Release of 13th & Howell

Capitol Hill, Featured

By November 17, 2016

Heads up, this is a sponsored post PUBLIC GRAND RELEASE EVENT Saturday,…

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Grand Release – Aristo Townhomes

Capitol Hill, Featured

By October 27, 2016

Heads up, this is a sponsored post. Isola Homes announces the Public…

Modern Capitol Hill Townhome

Capitol Hill

By May 24, 2016

Live green at 1826 E Howell St in a Built Green 5-star…

Open-Concept on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

By May 22, 2016

Located on Capitol Hill, just blocks from the Madison retail corridor as…

More North Capitol Hill Townhouses

Capitol Hill

By March 27, 2016

More new townhouses! These ones are on North Capitol Hill at 2345…

SolHaus – a Passive Townhouse Project

Capitol Hill

By March 25, 2016

SolHaus is a 10-unit townhouse project on Capitol Hill’s 12th Avenue (at…

Malden & Mercer by gProjects

Capitol Hill

By March 22, 2016

gProjects, a highly respected builder that many Urban Living reader’s love, just…

Capitol Hill Townhouses Moving Fast

Capitol Hill

By February 15, 2016

Just before the weekend a five-unit townhouse development built by Hardy Development…

urbanCanyon Townhome


By January 21, 2016

It is a little early in the week to declare the Urban…