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Is Your Listing Agent Screwing You?

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By June 9, 2017

There is no doubt that we’re in a extreme seller’s market, as…

Weekly Wrapup

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By June 2, 2017

The most discussed topic amongst agents this week, online or in person,…

Weekly Wrap-up

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By May 26, 2017

Wondering why the market is so insane? Seattle once again nation’s fastest-growing…

Weekly Wrap-Up: Offer War Stories and More

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By May 19, 2017

Wow, we saw so many new listings hit the market this week!…

Last Week’s Wrap-up: Offer War Stories and More

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By May 15, 2017

My take on the market last week is that some sellers are…

Weekly Wrap-up – Offer War Stories and More

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By May 5, 2017

We had a surprising number of you reach out after reading our…

Urbnlivn’s Real Estate Investing Ideas Newsletter

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By May 3, 2017

Interested in hearing about the occasional real estate investing idea I spot,…

How to Write a Winning Offer on a Hot Home

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By May 2, 2017

The Seattle housing market is undoubtedly hot; the average days on market…

Week in Review

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By April 28, 2017

With another week of a lot of new listings, buyers finally have…

Check Your Water Heater!

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By April 24, 2017

TL;DR – replace your water heater before it leaks. About a year…