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How to Buy a Seattle Loft (updated for winter 2024)

Welcome to our Seattle Loft Buying Guide!

This guide is written by Matt Goyer, a real estate agent, broker, and publisher of Urban Living, and is based on his 20 years of real estate experience. Matt has helped many clients buy lofts in Seattle and used to live in one at Trace Lofts on Capitol Hill. It should provide an overview of what it takes to buy a loft in the Seattle area, and will give you a good sense of what it would be like to work with us. Still have questions? Please reach out to us at [email protected].

What is a loft?

From Wikipedia:

a loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use (a converted loft) from some other use, often light industrial.

Types of Seattle lofts

New York-style lofts: these are usually lofts that were warehouses in the late 1800s or early 1900s and were converted to condos. They typically feature exposed beams, car decking ceilings, and exposed brick. All the lofts in Pioneer Square fit this description, though you can also find a few buildings like this on Capitol Hill and in Belltown.

Modern lofts: these are usually buildings built in the last 25 years to be lofty. Mosler Lofts is a good example of a modern loft.

Live/work lofts: these are usually ground-floor units that you can both operate a small business out of, they usually have a retail presence, and live in, usually on the second floor.

Artist co-op lofts: there are two artist co-op buildings in Seattle – Sunny Arms Co-op and the Union Arts Co-Ops, that require that the buyers are artists. Both buildings have prospective buyers submit portfolios of their work.

Full-height lofts: this term is used to describe a loft that is usually 16-20′ tall so that the bedroom/sleeping loft area is tall enough that you can stand up without issue

Half-height or flexi lofts: this term is used to describe a loft where the bedroom/sleeping/storage area is not tall enough to stand up. Ceiling heights are usually 9-15′.

Finding Seattle lofts for sale

You can find lofts for sale on nearly any real estate site but you have to sort through hundreds of listings! Whereas on our site check out our handcrafted Seattle lofts for sale page to see all the lofts on the market. Or just reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to email you every time a loft hits the market. We also usually know about a few off-market opportunities as well.

Seeing Seattle lofts in person

Here are some things to think about when looking at lofts in person:

  • Does it have parking?
  • How much is the heating bill? Older lofts can be drafty, plus you have a larger volume of air to heat or cool
  • Does it have air conditioning? Most don’t. Is that going to be okay in the summer?
  • Does it have enough storage space?

How to find a Seattle loft real estate agent

We’d be happy to help! We’ve helped many clients buy and sell lofts in Seattle and have worked in nearly every loft on the list below.

List of Seattle lofts

Belltown Lofts

81 Vine St: Built in 1914, converted in 1999. 24 units.

Austin Bell @ 2324 1st Ave: Built in 1908, converted in 2000. 62 units.

Banner Lofts @ 80 Vine St: Built in 1994. ?? units.

Belltown Lofts @ 66 Bell St: Built in 1908, converted in 2000. 62 units. Old commercial laundry building.

Mosler Lofts @ 2720 3rd Ave: Built in 2007. 149 units.

The Klee @ 2717 Western Ave: Built in 2001.

Capitol Hill Lofts

1310 E Union: Built in 2001. 8 units.

19th Avenue Lofts: Built in 2004. 45 units.

Brix @ 530 Broadway Ave E: Built in 2007. 141 units.

Monique Lofts @ 1505 11th Ave. Built in 1913, converted in ????. 28 units.

Portofino @ 417 E Pine St. Built in 1919, converted in 1970. 36 units.

Trace Lofts @ 1408 12th Ave. Built in 1919 , converted in 2007. 42 units.

Union Arts Coop @ 1100 E Union St. Built in 1916, converted in ????. ?? units.

Downtown Lofts

Fix / Madore @ 1507 Western Ave: Built in 1910, converted in ????. ?? units.

Georgetown Lofts

Sunny Arms @ 707 S Snoqualmie st: Built in 1907. 17 units.

Pioneer Square Lofts

80 S Jackson @ 80 S Jackson St. Built in 1900, converted in ????. 24 units.

Colonial Grand Pacific @ 1119 1st Ave. Built in 1902, converted in ????. ?? units.

Jackson Square – 121 S Jackson St. Built in 1902, converted in 2007. 6 units. 3 stories.

Merrill Place @ 97 S Jackson St. Built in 1905, converted in 1998. 16 units.

Nord Building @ 312 1st Ave S. Built in 1900, converted in ????.

Our Home Hotel @ 75 S Main St. Built in 1897, converted in ????. 11 units.

Post Hotel @ 606 Post Ave. Built in 1900, converted in ????. ?? units.

The Lofts @ 210 3rd Ave S. Built in 1904, converted in ????. 17 units.

Travelers Hotel @ 611 Post Ave. Built in 1913, converted in ????. 7 units.

South Lake Union Lofts

Veer Lofts @ 401 9th Ave. Built in 2009. 99 units.