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Seattle & Bellevue New Construction Condo & Townhome Pipeline

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction, get in touch! We’ve toured all the condos, been through many new construction single-family homes and townhomes and have helped many buyers navigate pre-sales at First Light, Mira, KODA, Nexus, Hendon, Insignia, and Luma. You can reach me at [email protected] or 206-618-1600. And if you’re thinking of buying a new townhome, check out our guide and get in touch to hear about what is coming up but hasn’t hit the market yet.

Seattle New Construction

Move-In Now

Edison on Capitol Hill
51 units, 3 available starting at $449k
(Updated 2/5/19)

Gridiron in Pioneer Square: 66% sold + pending
107 units, 36 available
(Updated 12/14/18)

Hendon Condos on Phinney Ridge: 94% sold + pending
32 units, 30 pending+sold, 2 available #407 and #304
(Updated 2/05/19)

Luxe 36: 97% sold
36 units, 1 left – a 2 bed 2 bath
(Updated 2/5/19)

McGraw Square on Queen Anne:
57 townhomes, 34 available
Notes: starting price at McGraw is now $1.2m-$1.3m for two and three bedroom units.
(Updated 2/05/19)

2019 Move-In

403 Thirteenth on Capitol Hill:
6 units
Notes: Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms available ranging from 400-1,200 sq. ft. Price TBD
Completion: Mid February 2019. No pre-sales.
(Updated 2/5/19)

Atrium on Capitol Hill
34 units, 2 pending
Note: pulled from the market as they switch listing teams. Preview by appointment only. Sales starting in a couple weeks.
Updated ( 2/5/19)

Nexus in Denny Triangle: 92% pending
389 units, 361 pending, 28 available
Note: starting price at Nexus is now $1.995m for two and three bedroom units ranging up-to $3.5m. Sales have been paused until the building is closer to completion.
(Updated 2/5/19)

The Pinnacle on Alki: 54% reserved
11 units, 6 reserved
Notes: completion in early 2019

53 units
Notes: one bedroom live/work start at $599k, sales center coming in February
(Updated 2/5/19)

Wallingford 45
48 units, 2 pending
Notes: pulled from the market as they switch listing teams

2020 Move-In

Daniels First Hill project
271 units
Note: no word on pre-sales

The Emerald downtown
270 units
Note: they’ve broken ground, sales starting February 23rd

Encore in Columbia City: not selling yet
96 units
Notes: $300k-$700k+, starting reservations February 23rd
(Updated 2/14/19)

45 Units, 24 reserved
Notes: starting price is now $550k
(Updated 10/02/18)

2021 Move-In

First Light
459 units, 50% pending

Infinity Shore Club
40 units
Note: reservations in early 2019

Note: 95% reserved, sales center opening “soon”

352 units: 20% pending
(Updated 2/5/19)


Caydon’s 208 units at 8th & Cherry
208 units

Future Possibilities

Eastside New Construction

2019 Move-In

Mira Flats 162 units
50% reserved
Note: reservations started 9/22/18. Starting price $399,900+ for a studio, $594,000+ for a 1 bedroom, $799k+ for a 2 bedroom, and $$1.1m for a 3 bedroom.
(Updated 2/5/19)

2020 Move-In

143 units, 133 pending, 10 available
Note: Starting price at One88 is now $1.93m for 2 bedroom units, $2.66m for three bedroom units, ranging up-to $2.895m. 1 out of 4 penthouses is available at $3.89m.
(Updated 2/5/19)


Avenue Bellevue
332 units
Notes: pre-sales in early 2019

Jade Residences
Note: reservations in 2019

Future possibilities