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Seattle Airbnb Friendly Condo Buildings

What Seattle condo buildings allow Airbnb, VRBO, or short-term rentals?

While most condo buildings don’t allow short-term rentals, there are a handful of buildings that do! The most popular Seattle condos for Airbnb are Belltown Court, the Elektra, the Montreux, Newmark Tower and Waterfront Landing.

Belltown Court

Belltown Court consists of two buildings at 2414 1st Ave and 2415 2nd Ave in Belltown. Most notably it has a pool, a great amenity for an Airbnb!


The Elektra is at 1400 Hubbell Place and sits between downtown and Capitol Hill – (three-night minimum, $30 fee).


The Montreux is at 425 Vine St.

Newmark Tower

Newmark Tower is at 1415 2nd Ave in downtown ($50 fee, background check required, minimum 7 days). The Newmark has a pool and sits atop the downtown Target.

Waterfront Landing

Waterfront Landing consists of three buildings at 1900 Alaskan Way & 1950 Alaskan Way & 2000 Alaskan Way along Seattle’s updated waterfront. ($100 fee, background check required).

Other condo buildings that allow Airbnb, VRBO, and short-term rentals

Here are the other condos in Seattle that allow Airbnb, VRBO and short-term rentals:

  • 215 17th Ave E
  • 2626 E Madison St
  • 2727 Franklin Ave E – 50% rental cap though
  • 750 on the Hill – 750 11th Ave E
  • Austin Bell – 2324 1st Ave ($250 fee)
  • Braeburn – 1410 e Pine St & 1420 e Pine St
  • Fifth Avenue Court – 2132 5th Ave
  • Pike Lofts – 303 E Pike ($800 move-in fee, lease required)
  • Seaboard – 1500 4th Ave
  • Wallingford 45 – 1601 N 45th St